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River Oaks Retirement Manor

News & Events

March 2019 Newsletter - 2/19/2019 -

Welcome to River Oaks Retirement Manor March News:


PLEASE DO NOT visit if you have a fever or cough

All Healthy Visitors Please:

1. Clean your hands after arriving and before leaving.

2. Always cover your cough.

3. Use a tissue or sleeve when you cough or sneeze.

4. Clean your hands after coughing or sneezing.

5. If you are ill and must visit, please ask for a mask.

Thank You For Understanding:

River Oaks will hold their monthly Homemade BBQ Hamburger Sale on Tuesday March 12th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The meal consist of a burger, chips and soda for a donation of $6.00. Any questions please call Priscilla, Courtney or Kiera. Thank you for your generous support!!

****Please filled out the Hurricane Evacuation Form and mailed or drop it

off at the facility.

Effective Immediately: Notice to all Residents and Family Members:

All rooms are SEMI-PRIVATE. Regardless of payment status.

This Means that if the resident is in a room alone, they may get a roommate at the discretion of the facility. Length of time alone in a room does not negate this.  NO resident is guaranteed to be in a room alone. AN ADDITIONAL MONTHLY PAYMENT MAY BE PAID TO SECURE A PRIVATE ROOM. PLEASE DISCUSS WITH THE BUSINESS OFFICE.

Congratulations to River Oaks Royalty:

Valentine:  King Mr. Donald W. & Queen Mrs. Virginia W.

Mardi Gras:  King Mr. James A. & Queen Ms. Mary S.

You are invited to attend the Krewe of Krowe Mardi Gras Float in the parking lot at River Oaks on Saturday February 23rd at 1:00 pm. River Oaks will continue the celebration on Monday March 4th, at 2pm on all the neighborhoods and back in the café area. We will have lots of music, king cake and Mardi Gras beads. THE CELEBRATION WILL FINISH ON FAT TUESDAY MARDI GRAS DAY, MARCH 5TH FROM 8am to 2:30pm DOWNTOWN LAFAYETTE ON JEFFERSON STREET (WEATHER PERMITS)

Meal of the Month: March 11, 2019

Corn, beef, cabbage & potato casserole, garlic bread, strawberry cake & iced tea.

Resident Birthday party is celebrated every 2nd Monday of the month from 2 pm to 3:30 pm. Music provided by La Popourri Band. Please inform the Activity Department if you would like to donate a birthday cake for the party. Thanks!!

Resident Birthdays:

Joseph S. 03-19, Norma M. 03-20, Ronald B. 03-24, Gladys D. 03-28, Harold J. 03-29, Sylvia S. 03-30

Employee Birthdays:

Resident of the Month:

Mary L.

Employee of the Month:

Jalesa B.

River Oaks Welcomes Our New Admit:

Mrs. Rena S.

All Resident's Medical Records are reviewed every 3 months in a meeting called "Staffing". In this meeting we discuss the resident's needs, plan of care, changes that they may be experiencing, etc. We encourage family members to attend staffing in order to review their plan completely with all possible input. If you have any questions, please contact Edwina Francis, MDS or Ashley Jones, MDS Coordinator at 337-233-7115. We look forward to seeing you. 

Mar. 4th: Laura D. 9:00, Mary S. 9:15 

Mar. 6th: Joseph J. 9:00, Ernest N. 9:15, Alex M. 9:30

Mar. 8th: Norline A. 9:00, Shirley B. 9:15

Mar. 11th: Betty C. 9:00, Curley C. 9:15, Charlene D. 10:00

Mar.13th: Arline J.9:00, Russell N. 9:15, Melvin P. 9:30

Mar. 15th: Mabel T. 9:00

Mar. 18th: Mildred G. 9:00, Virginia W. 9:15, Harold J. 9:30

Mar. 20th: Donna T. 9:00, Adell M. 9:15, Emma J. 9:30

Mar. 22nd: Linda M. 9:00

Mar. 25th: Donald W. 9:00, James A. 9:15

Mar. 27th: Dorothy C. 9:00, Ronald B. 9:15, Willie E. 9:30

Mar. 29th: Wanda G. 9:00, Mary P. 9:00

  • Laundry: We continue to remind everyone to always bring all items to Ezola Jones, Laundry Supervisor to be labeled BEFORE bought to resident room in an effort to prevent loss items or clothes. We continue to have unidentified clothes. If clothes are unidentified, they will be discarded. Please check resident's clothes routinely for clothes that are in need of repair or clothes that no longer fits. Please removed these items and let the nurse know of any clothes being removed. We need the closets to be clutter free. When families wash resident's laundry the facility do the laundry if: 1. Causes an order 2. Resident run out of clothes 3. Build up exceeds laundry basket. Please make sure all items are bought to the Laundry Supervisor to be labeled and documented on the inventory form before placing them in your loved ones room. THE FACILITY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR MISSING CLOTHES THAT HAS NOT BEEN LABELED OR DOCUMENTED ON THE INVENTORY FORM. If you bring clothes on the weekend or holidays please place them in a bag with their name and room number on it and give it to the nurse. The clothes will be labeled and handed out on Monday by Ezola Jones, Laundry Supervisor. This includes blankets, shoes, tv's and etc.

"River Oaks Retirement Manor really appreciate the time you have taken to view the Newsletter."