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River Oaks Retirement Manor

Our Menus
  Welcome to the Cypress Cafe

Since the first cold front in the latter part of November 2018, the residents have been requesting and enjoying gumbo of different varieties. By resident's choice, we are providing this Cajun winter comfort food to our residents throughout each week!
We are so happy that the residents give us ideas and tips to help us write our menus.

During the month of December 2018, we had a whirlwind of activities! Some of them included favorite foods, such as butter pecan cookies, rice crispy treats, hot chocolate, and homemade cracklins cooked by our very own staff! You never know what we'll be cooking up for our residents to enjoy.

River Oaks Retirement Manor provides healthy, hearty meals
with buffet-style dining.
Our residents are able to choose from a variety of delicious and nutritious foods
from the buffet or request something that they would like to eat.
Our Dietary Staff provides choices to our residents as we focus on
a person-centered care dining experience as much like home as possible.

Menus are subject to change as per resident's request.