These speeches were given by Cheree Blanchard, the Director of Nurses, on Friday, August 19, 2011.

Trinity McCurtis has been an employee since 2000. During that time, she has worked as a floor nurse and Medicare Coordinator. In both of these positions, she has excelled. She did a great job, but also bonded with the residents and her co-workers becoming a part of the River Oaks Family.

As time went by, she slowly began taking classes to become a Registered Nurse. It was tough to make the decision to go to school full time, work full time, and raise children full time, but she realized this was the way to be able to provide a better life for her two beautiful children and grow as a nurse. Once she made the decision, she did it. She juggled the hectic schedule and succeeded. Two weeks ago, she officially became a Registered Nurse.

She is pursuing med/surg experience, but is still working here as needed. Sometimes, when we start a new job, it is just that- a job. Trinity probably did not realize she would be here for 11 years and that this would be more than a job, it would become part of who she is. We do appreciate the work that you have done and are happy to have you as part of our family.

Kelly Ford has been at River Oaks since 2004. She started off as a floor nurse and was promoted to Assistant Director of Nurses.

Many times, Kelly would mention wanting to become a Registered Nurse. Guy and I talked a lot about how we could get that to happen but never mentioned it to her. One day, Guy called her into the office and said "We want you to start school. Registration is going on now." Within a couple of weeks she was in school. It happened so quickly, I am not sure she knew exactly what hit her. The rest was up to her.

In true Kelly style, she gave school, work, and her family 110%. She has a very close family and was always there for them. She was there for the facility, working long hours to meet the needs of the residents and their families. All the while, she was studying and making her dream come true.

Her hard work paid off. She graduated as the Valedictorian of her class in 2009 from LSUE.

We are not just honoring her for becoming a Registered Nurse, but for the significant difference she makes in this facility. To list everything that she does would make for a very long speech. A couple things that come to mind is shopping for residents from her own pocket, helping aged family members with their medicine and doctor's appointments. She is the person that so many residents and family members can count on.

We do appreciate you.



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