Bed Hold Policy

     Most residents who are hospitalized want to be able to return to the same bed and room in the nursing home when discharged from the hospital. Therefore, it is the policy of RIVER OAKS RETIREMENT MANOR that the bed of a resident who is a recipient of Medicaid will be reserved for a period of seven (7) days during which Medicaid payment is received and resident liability payment is received. The bed can be reserved after this period of time if the resident continues to pay the daily rate.

     The bed of a private paying resident shall be reserved for payment at the regular assessed daily fee.
     The Medicaid program will pay to reserve the bed of a Medicaid resident that is on home leave for a period of fifteen (15) days per year. The bed of any Medicaid resident will therefore be reserved for this payment and the resident liability.
     A private paying resident will pay the regular assessed fee for reserving the bed while the resident is on home leave.



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