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July 2018 Newsletter - 6/29/2018 -

River Oaks Retirement Manor July 2018 Newsletter 

Open Door Policy:

River Oaks has an open door policy and welcome any inputs from our residents. We encourage our families to provide us with any concerns they may have regarding our residents and their care. Our goal is to insure they receive the highest level of care possible. Any questions please feel free to contact Guy Sarver, Administrator 337-319-9316, Cheree Blanchard, Asst. Administrator 337-296-8749, Oneika Mercier, Director of Nursing 337-315-7582 and Hubert Guidry, Maintenance 337-316-2242.

Bed Hold Policy: You will receive a copy of the bed hold policy by mail each time your family member will be admitted to any other healthcare facility. A copy will also be sent with the resident upon transfer to another facility. Please be aware of the bed hold policy.

Please notified Karen Minix, SSD at 337-233-7115 immediately if you have a change of address or phone number. Remember without the correct information, we are unable to contact you in case of a change in your loved one care. 



A Professional Healthcare Compliance: Donna Talley Compliance Officer, Ph. Number: 337-9939748, Toll Free: 877-251-5737, cell: 337-255-1111. Complaints, Ethics, Honesty, Integrity, It is every employee's right and responsibility to report suspected or possible violations: Improper Conduct, Fraud, Sexual Harassment, Resident Abuse, Breach of quality, Violations of resident rights, Breach of employee rules Whistleblower. Calls will remain as confidential as possible. Corporate Compliance Hotline - 877-251-5737 to report any concerns or allegations.

RESIDENT FUNDS are available in the business office Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. Weekends & Holidays from 10am - 2pm ask a nurse at the information Center.

              Administrative Staff:
        Guy Sarver - Administrator
        Cheree Blanchard - Assistant Administrator
        Courtney L. - Assistant Administrator - HR
        Oneika M. - Director of Nursing
        Keisha W. - Assistant Director of Nursing
        Dr. Glenn Mire - Medical Director
        Edwina F. - Resident Service Director
        Ashley J. - Resident Service Director
        Priscilla C. Resident Activity Director
        Sonya C. Assistant Resident Activity Director
        Karen M. Social Service Director
        Alexia J. LPN, CNA Supervisor
        Temeka T. - RN
        Holly V.B. - RN
        Kierra L. - Medical Records
        Ezola J. - Laundry - Housekeeper Supervisor
        Hubert G. - Maintenance Supervisor
        Annette G. - Transportation
        Barrett B. - Dietary Supervisor
        Chad Bailey - Wound Care Nurse Practitioner

      River Oaks will hold their monthly homemade bbq hamburger sale on Thursday July 12th from 10:15am to 1:00pm. The meal consist of a burger, chips and a soda for a donation of $6.00. You may contact Priscilla or Courtney at 233 -7115 if you wish to place an order. Thank you for your support!!!!

      ***** We will honor our Veteran's on Tuesday July 3rd at 9am: Morris T., Emma J., Wilbert S., Donald W. & Melvin P.
      Meal of the Month: July 9th @11am
      cabbage roll, corn, green salad, dinner roll, pecan pie with ice cream and soda.

      **** You are invited to attend Mrs. A. Martin 103 birthday party on July 10th at 2pm. Music provided by Carol Fran Jazz Band.

      ****Beauty Shop Prices: Please make sure if request beauty shop services, there is funds in their account. No Services will be performed unless correct funds are in the account.  Shampoo & set $15, Shampoo set & hair cut $28, hair cut $13, perm $35, plus hair cut $48, color $35, plus hair cut $48.

      All Nurses have cell phones for resident related calls. Responsibility Parties ONLY are encourage to use these numbers instead of using the main line to check on residents. Calls will not be answered during medication administration times or while nurses are attending directly to residents. Pine-Evergreen: 337-257-3869, Mag/Willow: 337-257-0164 & Oak: 33-257-0699.

NEWSPAPERS are for RESIDENTS ONLY. They are not to be taken out of the facility.

      River Oaks Welcomes Our New Admit:
      Mr. Rex H., Mr. Ovide P. & Mrs. Mathilda P.

      Memorial Services will be held for Mrs. Ann W. and Mr. Ronnie T. on Thursday July 26, 2018 at 2pm in the café area.

Dining with your loved one: River Oaks welcomes all family members to dine with their loved ones. However, due to the limited seating in the café area, we ask that you allow our residents to eat first to prevent disrupting their seating for meals. As soon as a table clears you are welcome to sit with your loved one. Guest meals are $5.00.

  • July 2018 Staffing Schedule:
  • All Residents Medical Records are reviewed every 3 months in a meeting called "Staffing". In this meeting we discuss the resident's needs, plan of care, changes that they may be experiencing, etc. We encourage family members to attend staffing in order to review their plan completely with all possible input. If you have any questions, please contact Edwina Francis, MDS Coordinator or Ashley Jones, MDS at 337-233-7115. We look forward to seeing you.
  • July 2nd, Mable T. 9:00, Betty C. 9:15
  • July 3th, Norline A. 9:00, Shirley B. 9:15, Curley C. 9:30
  • July 6th, Mary B. 9:00, Earl J. 9:15
  • July 9th, Angelina M. 9:00, Melvin P. 9:15, Mildred G. 9:30
  • July 10th, Virginia W. 9:00
  • July 11th, Rose S. 9:00, Beatrice D. 9:15, Hilda A. 9:30 Donna T. 9:45
  • July 13th, Ronald B. 9:00, Darlen B. 9:15
  • July 16th, Dorothy C. 9:00, Linda M. 9:15
  • July 18th, Willie E. 9:00, Adell M. 9:15, Sylvia S. 9:30, James A. 9:45
  • July 20th, Roger S. 9:00, Alex M. 9:15
  • July 25th, Jackie C. 9:00
  • July 30th, Agnes B. 9:00, Anne R. 9:15

Laundry - We continue to remind everyone to always bring all items to Ezola J. Laundry-Housekeeping Supervisor to be labeled BEFORE bought to resident room in an effort to prevent loss items or clothes. We continue to placed unidentified clothes next to laundry area between 8am to 4pm Mon - Fri to be identifiedby family and residents. After hours or weekends and holidays you can contact Ezola to make an appointment at your earliest convenient. If clothes are unidentified, thy will be discarded. Please check resident's clothes routinely for clothes that are in need of repair or clothes that no longer fit. Please remove these items and let the nurse know of any clothes being removed. We need the closets to be clutter free. When families wash resident's laundry the facility will do the laundry if: 1. Causes an order 2. Resident run out of clothes 3. Build up exceeds laundry basket. Please make sure all items are brought to the laundry Supervisor to be labeled and documented on the inventory form before placing them in your loved ones room. THE FACILITY WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR MISSING CLOTHES THAT HAS NOT BEEN LABELED OR DOCUMENTED ON THE INVENTORY FORM. If you bring clothes on the weekend or holidays please place them in a bag with their name and room number on it and give it to the nurse. The clothes will be labeled and handed out on Monday by Ezola Jones, Laundry Housekeeping Supervisor. This includes blankets, shoes and etc.

Resident of the Month: Mrs. Emma J.

Mrs. Emma has made River Oaks her home for the past 1 1/2 year. She enjoyed music especially Elvis Presley, bingo, snacks, coffee, mass, tv, socializing, beauty shop and family visitors. Mrs. Emma is a U S Air Force Veteran. We are very proud to have a wonderful person as a part of our family. Congratulations Mrs. Emma!!!

Employee of the Month Glodinah L. 

Glo has been with River Oaks for 3 years as a CNA. She began her training with SLCC and RORM was her chosen clinical site. Glo loved our environment and decided to join our team. Glo started at RORM  as a CNA on Oak Community and than accepted a position as the Restorative Nursing Aide. In this position she helps residents maintain their independence and strength. This is a big job which she fills with enthusiasm. Glo takes time with her residents and goes above and beyond the call of duty. We are lucky to have her as a part of our family. Congratulations Glodinah!!!! 

July Birthdays:  

Residents: Arlean M. 07-02, Morris T. 07-02, Felicia S. 07-04, Deborah L. 07-06, Donna T. 07-08, Adell M. 07-10, Donna M. 07-10, Geneva R. 07-15, Ronald P. 07-15, Betty G. 07-24, Melvin P. 07-27


Employees:  Clarneisha F. 07-13, Priscilla C. 07-18, Cyrstal A. 07-25, Temeka T. 07-26, Jnya J. 07-31

Happy Birthday Everyone!!!!!!!!

Resident, family, friends, volunteer and staff enjoying different Activities:





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